About Me.

It started in a physics class when I was 13 years old. My teacher drew Bohr’s model of an atom on the board - a diagram of these tiny electrons rotating around a larger nucleus. Immediately likening it to the sun and the planets that orbit around it, my adolescent mind was blown out of this dimension and into something that would land me directly into the dazzle of a thousand stars.

I quickly put my hand up. “Mr Kay, Mr Kay, it looks just like a solar system! A galaxy!”. “Indeed it does”, he casually replied. Feeling de-validated by his nonchalance, as my studious, praise-seeking Virgoan mind usually did at that young age, he went on to describe that the nucleus was positively charged and was the central governing force of the atom. Further study lead me to the knowledge that every part of the atom carried an energy of its own, and after that discovery, I sought to find specifics, consequently ending up knee deep in borrowed books and extraordinary lessons on astronomy, energetic medicine, paganism, religion, astrology and psychology for the next 22 years.

In my late teens, a very serious expedition began in the realms of the magic arts and an obsession developed in human observance. Experiencing a spell of juvenile depression and parading my misery around in gothic attire, I hid from the world and spent an entire Christmas holiday season one year wishing my life away.

All the while, writing all of my friends and family members Sun signs down in a journal, followed by analysing the bejesus out of each individual person until my fingers cramped up and a callus appeared on my finger. Their mannerisms, their likes and dislikes. Everything. It was borderline crazy town. The list filled an entire book.

Then I came to find that sun signs were merely scraping the surface of something much bigger than I could’ve ever imagined. That was when I was given my natal chart for the very first time at the age of 18 by a regular customer who came in to the market I was selling crystals and candles at every weekend. I was cracked open. The light came flooding in. Exposed to a whole new world of awareness, I saw the Universe inside of me. Atoms on top of atoms dancing in my bones. Galaxies drifting through my veins. Holding my star map in my own two hands, it dawned on me - we are a divine design, and our natal charts are an invaluable tool for self-navigation; for deepening our understanding of who we are and why we are here.

The question lingered - how was this sacred map brought to life? Immersing myself in learning how to weave, decipher, decode, and make sense of the stars, I took into account that there was no better way to obtain the wisdom I longed for than through direct personal experience. That life itself was the Shaman; that it's not a matter of seeking the meaning of life, but putting the meaning into life.

Now the funny thing about this story, is that I went on to become a kindergarten teacher. I’ve been teaching young children for over 15 years. I used to think that my passion for astrology and my career as a teacher were seperate from each other, but I was wrong. There is no better place to observe, learn from and connect with the human spirit than in a playground. The innocence and purity - an awe-inspiring privilege that very few get to be a part of and it's taught me more about life than most of my experiences outside of the classroom. I realised very quickly that I was not a teacher, but a person who provided the conditions in which children could learn. Then I became conscious of the fact that this belief is no different to us as adults taking responsibility for our own lives and doing the work that innately beckons to be done; to heed the call of the Universe within and transform our lives from the inside out using the stars to guide us home.