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This comprehensive reading honours your divine design by providing you with an image of your natal chart and graph of natal aspects, followed by an extensive interpretation on all of your planets and houses including your Ascendant and North Node.


This comprehensive reading honours your divine design by providing you with an image of your natal chart and graph of natal aspects, followed by an extensive interpretation on all of your planets and houses including your Ascendant and North Node. Lovingly deciphered and emailed to you in PDF, this natal chart reading is a valuable self-navigation tool and the perfect composition for deepening self-awareness through an orbit of predominant cosmic components. 

Required: Please provide your date of birth, time of birth and place of birth on the checkout page.

What you receive: A 35-45 page easy-to-read document emailed in a PDF attachment, ready for immediate perusal or printing if preferred.

Delivery notice: The full natal chart will take from 2-8 weeks for processing from the time the natal chart data is received by Tree of Stars Astrology. This time frame is dependent on the quantity of orders at point of purchase. The chart reading will arrive in recipient’s email inbox during this time frame. Should the recipient request a reading for an upcoming birthday and need their order sooner, I request that they please contact me directly to make arrangements.

9 reviews for Full Natal Chart Reading

  1. Erica Fortune

    This natal chart is lengthy, detailed, and spot on! Mine ended up being 36 pages to print and put in a special binder to read and re-read for years to come. If you have ever been intrigued by your horoscope, your sign, or your personal astrology set-up, you need this reading. All others will pale in comparison. The detail is not vague, it is specific and creepily accurate. I had ones done for my children in an effort to better understand them as their own people and how I can support them in their personal journey. This is is an excellent gift, to yourself or any loved ones. Who doesn’t like to hear all about them?! I’ll be purchasing these for many family and friends for birthday gifts and I know they will be treasured as one of the most unique gifts they have ever received. Worth every penny!

  2. Jacky

    Cheray does a beautiful interpretation of your Natal chart. Very detailed. She goes the extra mile to give a comprehensive chart that gives great insight to your personal journey. I can’t speak highly enough of her gifts.

  3. Farah

    This was the second time I have had my chart done and this is by far the most outstanding ⭐️ I made mine into a beautiful book that I’ll keep forever. So much information on the signs and houses that my planets are in. I’m quite new to astrology and this was easy to understand. Cheray’s writing is just magic.

  4. Kersha

    I am enlightened, I am grateful and I am in awe!
    This is the tool I need for both myself and my son to prepare and understand him for years to come.
    I know I will refer back to this incredible information about my son over and over. It really is such a wonderful thing to have and I would honestly recommend every parent request a natal chart for their child!!
    So much love and appreciation for you! Thank you!
    Now, to read my own personal chart and no doubt be equally gobsmacked at what it has to say 🙂

  5. Jay

    To wonder whether the gift of a Full Natal Chart Reading from Cheray to yourself (or a loved one) is worth while or worth the small price, is like questioning whether the star dust that we are comprised from really makes a difference to our lives and our place in the universe. To discover so much about myself in such detail and words which resonated so clearly, I am forever grateful for the pure gift which Cheray has been given, and that I have been blessed enough to discover her along my path of becoming who I know I am, and what I know is inside of me.
    I am constantly referring back to the reading and continue to find true gems with every read. The knowledge crystallises my beliefs and gives me courage to allow my soul to just be, and I would encourage nothing but the same for whoever is reading this. My go to star weaver could be yours also, and I guarantee that the universe will feel and look different once you have allowed this gift presence in your life.

  6. Tamra

    Cheray is a gifted soul reader. Her interpretation of my natal chart was incredibly detailed, long, thoughtfully created and so very insightful. I’m eternally grateful for the beautiful work she did in reading my stars. Cheray is a truly gifted Astrologer and I can’t recommend her more highly. Thanks Cheray, with love.

  7. Bebe Carletti

    Through Cheray’s words I was able to finally fully grasp my wholeness, the strengths, the weakness, the multidimensional being that I am, all the aspects of me that I was trying to somehow iron out with the heavy conditioning we receive through our life. I am so grateful I received such a deep healing from my natal chart reading: the acceptance of the self and its full disclosure… So many epic aha moments, laughter, understanding, recognitions! So much so that i decided to get my daughter’s and my lover’s charts done so we could sit in family and share! Crow, I thank you, from the bottom of my heart, your work in this world is so important for us all to be embodies and clear! If you are still hesitating to treat yourself, go on, take the deep dive, greet your own magic through Cheray’s poetic deciphering of your cosmic alignment

  8. Zoë

    I was gifted my full natal chart reading from a knowing relative after following Cheray for some time. It was the most amazing gift I’ve received and has helped me to really feel seen and understand things in my life more clearly. I often go back to read through again. Thanks Cheray, what a talent you have. ?

  9. Mariana (verified owner)

    Cheray is as good at reading the stars as she is at choosing words. She isn’t vague, she isn’t cryptic. She deliberatly speaks to a wider audience, that may not be iniciated into astrology and keeps it as understandable as poetic. What I mean is, you won’t be bored, confused or frustrated with what things might mean. You’ll feel as if the gates of your essence have been opened, and your misteries were made clear for you to see, reflect and act according to your own conclusions. Cheray will take you by the hand ?

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