When I’m not star weaving, mapping, tracing angles and degrees of celestial planes, decoding the language of earth-side arrivals with ecstatic fingers, I’m outside, walking through the fields, following trails and tracks that lead to my innermost wild.

Life is as fulfilling and abundant as it’s ever been, and yet I’m doing far less than I ever have, and have let go of more than there are words for.

If you’re reading this thinking “I don’t have that feeling of fulfilment” or “that’s nice, wish I had that feeling too”, I know that kind of self talk. I’ve been there before, putting myself in that position of “lesser than” or “that’s not me, that’s her”. But here’s the thing - everyone who’s reading this is worthy of happiness. We all are. We just need to know in our hearts what happiness is for us personally, and magnify that. Move toward it the best way we know how. Listen deeply. Explore what enriches the soul.

Life is a journey - it moves in rhythms and cycles. It’s important we acknowledge and honour the entire spectrum of emotions; to dance with these, and through these, in our own unique time. No-one has a right to rush our sacred process. Just know, that no matter where you find yourself on the path, you have ARRIVED. Fulfilment and abundance is available to you now - a pursuit it is not! No matter where you are, it is there. When you’ve untangled yourself from the story and you’re ready to receive, reach out, and open your hands. It’s not a matter of “when I have this, I’ll be happy”, it’s about discovering you’ve been carrying it all along.

Trust the process,

let go a little more,

and you will See it.

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