We might have memorised a few spells from the internet. We may have remembered a dozen rituals or prayers from books we read. We may have googled what our dream may have meant, but none of it has any meaning unless our heart and soul is speaking through it.

The alchemy is in our union with Nature; with energy and Spirit, and in our union with Nature/energy/Spirit we come to See that we are that. Magic is what we already are - it’s not outside of us. It doesn’t matter how many crystals we have or how much incense we burn, it ain’t gunna make us more magical. We have to learn to SEE it’s within US, and make that connection.

Magic is in DOING THE WORK. Magnifying prayer with the words of our own powerful tongue. Creating a relationship between ourselves and the land, the stars, and the seasons. Deep listening. Weaving ourselves into the elements until our edges blur and we come to understand we ARE the landscape. Magic is in our thoughts and frequencies, and we’re constantly creating our world with it. Like it or loathe it - the results are our own doing, day in, day out. If we want to get practical about it, the most powerful magic lies in self-mastery. It takes time, stepping into our own unique power - experience imbeds deeper knowing of just how effectual we are simply by being.

Belief, intention and action equal magic, and if magic is what brings things to life, then we’re not truly living until we remember that we embody it.

Current Moon Phase

Waning Gibbous Moon
Waning Gibbous Moon

The moon is 18 days old