It’s time we stop.

That we put an end to the defamation of women and the labels whispered in the rise of the feminine and the awakening of the witches.

The outdated, malicious gossip we’ve all heard before - that an empowered woman is intimidating.

A beautiful woman is vulnerable to assault. A direct woman is rude. A strong woman is too masculine. An intelligent woman threatens your ego. A fun woman isn’t responsible. A serious woman is too uptight. An attractive woman is shallow. A woman with a voice is too opinionated. A bleeding woman is crazy. A motivated woman is selfish. A managerial woman is bossy. A self-made woman is too confident.

You know what? Enough is enough.

Because we bleed or don’t bleed, we are VALID.

Because we speak or don’t speak, we are valid.

Because we work or don’t work, we are valid.

Because we exist, we are fucking valid.

We do not need to strive to be desirable for anyone if we don’t choose to be - we do not need to enhance or alter who we are nor censor what we say to make others feel comfortable.

Our responsibility is to be true to ourselves.

To see to the cultivation of characteristic morals and values, in which ever way we choose to develop them.

To establish a loyalty to our fierce, beating heart. 

The ultimate rebellion in a mechanical world is self-validation.

To stand, straight backed, in our authenticity.

To know that because WE ARE - we are bloody VALID. 

No more hiding and shrinking and sneaking around in the dark. Drop the invisible cloak. Hold your own. Respect your story and a sisters story. Take a sisters hand. Band together. Our wildness should not be feared, but revered. The machine has long been broken. Beat your drums with pride and rise, witches.


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Waning Gibbous Moon

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