Lunar Calendar 2020

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Adorned with a witchy, botanical border that brings to life herbs that support menstrual health, hormonal balance, dreaming, spell casting and womb healing (Red Clover, Rose, Mugwort, Calendula and Lemon Balm), this lunar calendar has been designed to assist your journey through the Moon’s cycles and astrological rhythms.

At the bottom of this calendar you will find guides to the symbols used throughout to support trouble-free navigation. Included for you are the moon’s phases, signs of the zodiac and the four sacred elements.

VISION: This calendar is for anyone and everyone to use. However, we hold a vision that these calendars be displayed in a place in your home where you, your family and your friends can see you tracking your menstrual cycle or your body’s biorhythms. We feel it is important that our loved ones are a part of this sacred dance with us. It’s time we start a culture of healing menstrual shame, normalising our menses and sharing our reflections. If this vision does not align with you, then we most certainly encourage you to explore your own individualised use and invite you to use your intuition.

This enchanting creation has been lovingly and intentionally brought to life in Australia by myself and the talented designer, Alana from Wild Flower Creative. More information on these calendars is provided on Instagram at @tree_of_stars in story highlights.

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1 review for Lunar Calendar 2020

  1. Erica Fortune (verified owner)

    This is a lovely lunar calendar. I am using it to help me connect with my cycle, the moon cycle, and bring more positive energy to the perception of my monthly blood. I want to show my family and my daughter that our cycles are normal, powerful, and one of the blessings of being a woman. This calendar is my catalyst. Thank you so much for offering your gifts to others so that they may enlighten their journey!

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